Sick Days are Costing Businesses 16.6 Billion a Year But It Doesn't Have to Cost Your Company a Penny

In 2011, the CBC reported that on average Canadian workers took 9.3 sick days each that year, costing the economy 16.6 Billion dollars. If you need to lower these costs, the researchers say you have to improve the work environment. The most common reason for absenteeism is the cold and the flu.

Besides the cold and the flu, Health Canada discovered there is a total of about 4 million (1 in 8) Canadians that are affected by a food-borne illness every year. Of these, there are 11,600 hospitalizations and 238 deaths.

Improving Work Environment

Viruses and germs can spread through the office in a matter of hours regardless of whether the contagion came from the cold, flu or contaminated food. Cleaners who employ hygienic cleaning practices will help reduce your risk. A clean office will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase office moral
  • Increase purchase frequency and visits from customers
  • Discourage bugs, vermin and pests
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve physical health
  • Improve efficiency and communication
  • Save money

Hygienic Commercial Cleaning is an Investment

Besides being critical for health and safety, a clean office will assure a more professional reputation. People tend to associate 'clean' with good work habits, products and services. You may have the best technician in the city working with you, but if the facility is unkept, then the work performed will be scrutinized closely.

Purify Cleaning Services use of an advanced color coding technology with our microfiber cleaning cloths and sanitary practices prevent cross-contamination within the office environment. Any dust from a cleaning cloth will be collected by a HEPA vacuum that removes any pathogens from the air. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air.  These type of vacuums retain all dust particles that are .3 microns in size, or larger, at an efficiency level of 99.97%. They literally clean the air as they are moved throughout the office. People with asthma and allergies in the office, will notice an immediate improvement in the air quality.

  • The office can be seen as the embodiment of your work culture, beliefs and attitude towards your employees. It shows your standards and theories on how a business should operate. A clean office increases the positive energy people will experience when they visit your office. Dingy, disorderly and cluttered offices and equipment do little to inspire confidence.
  • Employees will be able to find things quicker and increase their productivity. When they have to clean their desks of old snacks, food, dust, empty trashcans and wipe down equipment their work suffers as well as company profits.
  • Clean windows that let natural sunlight stream in boosts morale. So does clean phones, desks and keyboards. There is an unbelievable amount of germs and bacteria that lives on office equipment and appliances.
  • By setting a good example, it will be easier to engage your employees to assist your efforts throughout the work day by putting things away they've used, preventing slips and falls by keeping things picked up, reduce fire hazards and prevent objects from falling. This encourages good work habits.

Can We Work Together?

Purify Cleaning Services has been in business for 10+ years, but as the economy improves, so do the demands on our time. We have a limited amount of openings for new clients so the next step would be to give us a call in Edmonton at (780) 249-4889 and we can discuss your needs. Upon a successful interview, we will schedule a consultation with you at a mutually convenient time to do a walk-through of your facility and determine what level of service you require.

The Purify Guarantee

You will be 100% satisfied with the cleaning sessions we provide you. We do regular inspections of all work, but if we miss something, or wasn't added to the list, we can do a quick walk-through with you and update the description and add it to the workflow. We don't require any clients to sign contracts that will lock them into a service they are not completely satisfied with, or used as an excuse to provide poor workmanship.

Purify Cleaning Services in Edmonton has been helping businesses save money and increase productivity for 10+ years. By reducing the amount of sick days employees take through our hygienic cleaning practices, companies are maximizing their productivity and reducing their losses.

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